Thursday Class Work Session – 10.31.13

Happy Halloween! I’ll be over to the lab by 5:30pm to work with folks 1:1 with logo designs and collateral application and treatment.

I’m going to spend about 15 minutes on the front end of class seeding large format presentation design – posters. Showing resources and relevant articles covering historical background, design strategies, etc. Just an introduction. Then the remainder of the time, I’ll be there to work with individuals to give feedback and trouble-shoot collateral drafts.

I need to be out early, by 7:00pm latest, but the lab will be open until 9:00pm for those wanting to continue to work. As this is a designated work session, you may choose to work out of lab.

Resource references to Poster Design History HERE.

Samples and competitions can be found at my Advanced Information Design Diigo Link: Scroll down the list to Poster History, Design, Exhibitions, and Galleries.


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