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Personal Learning Environment

Personal Learning Environment

When creating my Personal Learning Environment, I wanted to develop a structure and visual aid that mimicked a flow chart. The reason behind this format was to establish a purpose for engaging in a specific type of platform for learning, suggesting that each platform offers a certain, and even unique, setting and outcome for acquiring information. Through this diagram, I am able to navigate my way toward a customized learning environment that suits my current “mood” or “tolerance” for different learning mediums and situations.

In order to select my Personal Learning Environment, I chose to distinguish the type of platform – either virtual or physical to indicate my preference for reaching out to a physical platform or having the platform conveniently come to me. Following this, I further separated my virtual and physical Personal Learning Environments by categorizing the purposes of different platforms, which focus on knowledge, entertainment/leisure, or social. And, in terms of the virtual platforms, they are again separated by how they are displayed – either visual (video/design-related), audio (music, podcasts), or literary. Although these distinctions are concrete through the flow chart, the connections, as shown through additional lines, indicate how these platforms interchange and merge to enhance and alter my learning environment, especially in social settings.

Draft of Media Plan: Craft Center

The Craft Center is a university-affiliated organization in the heart of the Erb Memorial Student Union. As a part of this organization, staff members utilize various social media and web-based platforms to promote participation in craft-based workshops, including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, MailChimp, and the hub – the Craft Center website. Although these forms are actively used, the Craft Center still has additional marketing platforms at its disposal, such as Instagram and university-organized as well as local media platforms, including University of Oregon’s Events Calendar and Eugene A Go-Go.

Draft of Media Map-Plan – Craft Center

THP: Media Map (Draft)

Delving into a committed relationship with social media could be extremely beneficial for Trauma Healing Project. If it campaigns and partners with other organizations, social media platforms can help raise awareness. Currently, Trauma Healing Project has a very limited presence on social media. There is a Facebook page and a Twitter page, but neither is really utilized. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Trauma Healing Project should consider creating a company page on LinkedIn. These three venues of social media could help Trauma Healing Project become better known within the Eugene community by enabling it to connect with similar, more prominent organizations.

Facebook is an easy way to reach a large audience comprised of a variety of demographics, and at the moment, it is the most utilized form of social media. There are almost 400 “likes”, and the page is consistently (though somewhat infrequently) updated. Posts vary in content from promoting events to calling for volunteers. The page hosts events and has connected with four other pages through “liking” them, which is great. By clicking on a few of the liked pages, it seems that Trauma Healing Project has not yet reached out to the groups. An encouraging sign is that some people have posted nice sentiments on the timeline, which means that there is an opportunity for growth. Trauma Healing Project could invite those who like it to share the page with their friends by tagging THP in a post or by inviting people on their friend lists.

Next, Trauma Healing Project’s presence on Twitter is barely there. There have been three tweets since October 2nd, the account is only following 25 other accounts, and it only has 15 followers. It can be difficult to break into Twitter without an established base, but connecting the account with THP’s Facebook account could increase its reach. For example, synching posts or even just mentioning THP’s Twitter account would be helpful.

A third platform that would be beneficial to Trauma Healing Project is LinkedIn. A few employees have profiles set up on the networking site, but there are some interesting ways to use LinkedIn. THP could add itself to the site as a company, and people would be able to connect to it. Currently, the director of THP has a LinkedIn page, but it would raise more awareness if people could click directly onto a page that has information about what THP is, not to mention the fact that it could be rated and recommended.

social, social, social…

Social Media Camp - NYC - 2011
Social Media Camp – NYC – 2011 (Photo credit: deanmeyersnet)

In prep for Week 4, when we’ll tackle social media management/planning/etc directly, check out a small haul of links I’ve posted to the Diigo group having to do with the ecology of social media & marketing. Some of the issues discussed will certainly overlap with the topic at hand for the next class period, “public relations” and media channels, so feel free to dig into the links straight away…

And, in regards to thinking about PLEs, I’d like to suggest that you take into account ways in/through which you learn about “new” technologies (software, hardware, platforms, etc): what are some “go to” sources for gaining information and skills in utilizing all sorts of tech?
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