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presentation guidelines for Week 10

English: My own work
English: My own work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This presentation will have two parts, and you will each have 8 minutes total.

In the first 4 minutes, you should briefly discuss your graphic standards:

* summarize the rebranding process, with attention to the visual approach you took to the organization  (1min)

* explain each element of your graphic standards packet (2 min)

* discuss choices you made with regards to collateral design layout (elements including logo, artwork, and copy), colors and typography (1min)

You should pull a PDF of your graphic standards up on the screen, and also pass around a printed copy (assembled in a binder) for the class to explore.
In the second 4 minutes, you should provide a short summary of your case study:

* give a brief overview of the organization (1 min)

* highlight one aspect of the environmental scan (e.g. an element you found intriguing or challenging) (2min)

* address the SWOC analysis, focusing on an ‘opportunity’ you see for the organization (1 min)

A total of 5 pts is available for the presentation, and staying within prescribed time constraints is a factor for evaluation. The rubric we will use to evaluate the presentations is:

* aligning with time allocation = 1pts

* addressing specified components of graphic standards = 2pts

* addressing specified components of cases study = 2 pts

Logo design presentations, 10/22

On Thursday of this week, we will use a bit of class time for the first “formal” presentation you will do this term. See the guidelines below, and prepare accordingly so that you do not go over the allotted time!

Each student will present their current logo design to the class for feedback. You can either print it out (make it large enough to see from a short distance), or pull a digital version up on a screen.

Each student will have three minutes to briefly address the following: intent (what are you trying to do?) and process (how have you gone about it?). You should use design language, drawing on terms and concepts you have been learning in class and through readings.

After each student presents on the above, the rest of class will have an opportunity to provide constructive feedback on elements of the current logo.

This presentation is intended to get you feedback on your design, but also to prepare you to cogently and succintly discuss your work. There will be a few more presentations this term, so think of this as a professional development exercise.

in-class lexicon essay presentations: Thursday, 2/12!

Below are the presentation guidelines for the lexicon essay (taken directly from the assignment page). Keep in mind that this is to be a formal presentation, in the sense that we want you to be prepared and professional. We will stick to the 5-min limit, esp. since there are 19 of you (so presentations will run just over 1.5 hrs). We will have you all present in alphabetical order (by last name/family name). Get in touch with John if you have any questions…



This will be a 5-minute oral description of the relationships you uncovered between the marketing strategy and the lexicon terms you have chosen to examine. In this presentation you should:

* briefly describe the marketing strategy

* briefly list the lexicon terms you drew on

* offer short expanded discussion of key lexicon terms (1-2 from the list)

* explain one or two ways in which the terms related to the strategy: what did they lead you to understand? how did they help you critically engage the marketing strategy? what have you learned?


Because this is only a 5-minute presentation, you need to be on point and efficient; do not go into depth with each term, instead choose to focus on the one or two that stand out for you. Do not list all “use cases” of your marketing strategy or attempt to thoroughly describe its historical arc; name it, and then provide bullet-point style overview.

You do not need to rely on visuals in this presentation, but if you do you should ensure they augment or support your spoken component rather than detract from it. Avoid reading what is already on your slides, and steer clear of overly complicated visuals that distract the audience.

Presentations will be evaluated on the following rubric:

* efficiency/timeliness (staying within 5 minutes)= 1pt

* cogency/coherence = 1pt

* description of marketing strategy = .5pts

* list of lexicon terms = .5pts

* expanded discussion of subset of terms = 1pt

* articulation of relationship between strategy & terms = 1pt