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OCT final strategy report

image of Khet, the strategy board game
image of Khet, the strategy board game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are guidelines for how to structure the final report on the OCT group projects you’ve been working on all term. Remember that we are going to hand these off to Tara and Craig for them to review and, ideally, use (in some form). As such, the reports should be concise (2 pages or so) yet rich in relevant details…

Section I:

* include a short description of the goal or target for your strategy: eg. to increase younger audience attendance by 10%

Section II: 

* provide a 1-2 paragraph description of the marketing strategy; be sure to include discussion of any content, channels, or other relevant resources needed

Section III:

* implementation outline/schedule: include calendars or other time-based structures, as well as listing of resources, organizations, or other constituent elements for you strategy.

***be sure to account for the time staff would need to put into any strategy!