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mid-term informal course eval

Example 1. Optical feedback
Example 1. Optical feedback (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Follow this link to a nine-question survey geared toward allowing you to give us instructors some feedback on the course so far. We’ll use this to help smooth any wrinkles in the remaining weeks, and also plan for next term. Additionally, the feedback you provide will help in aligning student needs/expectations with AAD curriculum and field-wide standards.

We want to emphasize that this two-course sequence is an experiment this year, but do not do so as an “excuse” for anything; rather, we want your honest and reflective input on the experiment. Each of us recognizes that you all have been navigating the twists and turns over the past five weeks, and we are committed to making sure you each get the most out of this experience. The survey is ‘anonymous’ in that the Qualtrics platform will not track who provides what answers. Should you want to provide non-anonymous feedback, please do contact me (John). Thanks!

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