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Case Study presentation (12/10/13)

Idaho Technical Assistance Presentation
Idaho Technical Assistance Presentation (Photo credit: Washington State Department of Natural Resources)

Below are the guidelines from Darrel for the brief presentations we’ll have during the scheduled final exam period on Tuesday, 12/10, 7pm. We can certainly discuss moving the presentation/meeting up if everyone’s schedules permit.

Case Study Presentations

Please be prepared to present a 5 minute presentation summarizing your case study findings.  Your audience is a marketing firm. Your goal is to highlight the unique challenges, strengths and opportunities you uncovered through your analysis process. Assume that the audience has no knowledge of your organization. By the end of the presentation, your audience should have an understanding of the marketing focus and possible strategies that would benefit the organization. Suggested time allocation for your presentation:

Overview of Organization (mission, purpose, brief history) – 1 minute
Environmental Scan Summary – 1 minute
Summary of SWOC analysis of 4 P’s – 1 minute
Audience/Customer analysis – 1 minute
Q & A – 1 minute

Note: Visual and technical aids not required. If you choose to use technical presentation tools, please save to your own wordpress site to access in class (we will not have time to plug in thumbdrives, etc).

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