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group project: formatting template

Marketing Viral
Marketing Viral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Use the template below to structure your “report” to Eugene Printmakers. Bullet points are fine, though a few sentences here and there to explain details (steps, resources, etc) will be useful. Imagine that this is something you will be handing over to Eugene Printmakers members to guide their marketing efforts.

A key tip: In section A of the first part (Intro), use the “area” your group focused on to address the concept of “purpose” behind each strategy. Remember that we asked each group to choose two areas from a list of seven, and then design one strategy for each area. The “areas of focus” were: web site, social media, partnerships, educational programming, pop-up events, fundraising events, and membership.


I. Introduction and Overview of Proposed Marketing Strategies (this is an overview of why, how and for what purpose)

A.     Summary of need, define your target audience/participant/customer/
B.     Summary of proposed marketing strategies and how they will meet need  (desired outcomes)

II. Marketing Strategies

A.       What are the specifics of each strategy you propose?

B.      What are the required actions, target messages, communication methods, and relevant information needed to implement each strategy?

III. Implementation (Time line and required resources to implement each marketing strategy).

A.       Calendar of key dates for marketing action/steps for each strategy

B.       Resources required to implement each strategy

IV. Evaluation Plan (Measuring and evaluating outcomes)

A.     How will you evaluate effectiveness of each marketing strategy?

B.       What are some recommendations for future marketing plan development?

in-class lexicon essay presentations: Thursday, 2/12!

Below are the presentation guidelines for the lexicon essay (taken directly from the assignment page). Keep in mind that this is to be a formal presentation, in the sense that we want you to be prepared and professional. We will stick to the 5-min limit, esp. since there are 19 of you (so presentations will run just over 1.5 hrs). We will have you all present in alphabetical order (by last name/family name). Get in touch with John if you have any questions…



This will be a 5-minute oral description of the relationships you uncovered between the marketing strategy and the lexicon terms you have chosen to examine. In this presentation you should:

* briefly describe the marketing strategy

* briefly list the lexicon terms you drew on

* offer short expanded discussion of key lexicon terms (1-2 from the list)

* explain one or two ways in which the terms related to the strategy: what did they lead you to understand? how did they help you critically engage the marketing strategy? what have you learned?


Because this is only a 5-minute presentation, you need to be on point and efficient; do not go into depth with each term, instead choose to focus on the one or two that stand out for you. Do not list all “use cases” of your marketing strategy or attempt to thoroughly describe its historical arc; name it, and then provide bullet-point style overview.

You do not need to rely on visuals in this presentation, but if you do you should ensure they augment or support your spoken component rather than detract from it. Avoid reading what is already on your slides, and steer clear of overly complicated visuals that distract the audience.

Presentations will be evaluated on the following rubric:

* efficiency/timeliness (staying within 5 minutes)= 1pt

* cogency/coherence = 1pt

* description of marketing strategy = .5pts

* list of lexicon terms = .5pts

* expanded discussion of subset of terms = 1pt

* articulation of relationship between strategy & terms = 1pt

Lexicon, round 6 (week7) :: posted late, deadline extended!

So sorry for getting these up only today (11/13). You have until Saturday (11/15) to post your thoughts on the terms for this week.

NOTE: please put them up as comments on this post! Doing so allows us to read everyone’s ideas together…even if you’d like to gather your weekly lexicon thoughts on a page of your portfolio, copy/paste them in as comments as well!


This week’s terms:




The rest of the list we generated, just for your reference:








social proprioception

Case Study presentation (12/10/13)

Idaho Technical Assistance Presentation
Idaho Technical Assistance Presentation (Photo credit: Washington State Department of Natural Resources)

Below are the guidelines from Darrel for the brief presentations we’ll have during the scheduled final exam period on Tuesday, 12/10, 7pm. We can certainly discuss moving the presentation/meeting up if everyone’s schedules permit.

Case Study Presentations

Please be prepared to present a 5 minute presentation summarizing your case study findings.  Your audience is a marketing firm. Your goal is to highlight the unique challenges, strengths and opportunities you uncovered through your analysis process. Assume that the audience has no knowledge of your organization. By the end of the presentation, your audience should have an understanding of the marketing focus and possible strategies that would benefit the organization. Suggested time allocation for your presentation:

Overview of Organization (mission, purpose, brief history) – 1 minute
Environmental Scan Summary – 1 minute
Summary of SWOC analysis of 4 P’s – 1 minute
Audience/Customer analysis – 1 minute
Q & A – 1 minute

Note: Visual and technical aids not required. If you choose to use technical presentation tools, please save to your own wordpress site to access in class (we will not have time to plug in thumbdrives, etc).

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lexicon, week 9

A page from Lexicon Universale
A page from Lexicon Universale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the last round of lexicon items this term, focus on these:





Think about them both in terms of design/graphics and marketing, especially as these words resonate with and around media tools, technologies, channels, etc.

Post your thoughts as comments below, and the deadline for this final run of the exercise is Monday (12/2)…Have a great (but short) holiday break!


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