RAT Sound Media Map/Draft Plan

RAT Sound Media Map/Draft Plan


Rat Sound’s current website has the appearance of several generations of homemade web pages being stitched together to create a loosely unified whole. Updating the main business site to establish brand consistency as well as present a professional appearance and structure will be a great boon for the organization.

  • Benefits: The updated website will serve as the professional outward face of the organization the RAT Sound website and will be the central hub to which the more informal social media and web marketing channels point. In addition, the main website will provide direct customer access by serving as the web-store which enables clients to easily make purchases directly from RAT Sound Tools or make inquiries to RAT Sound Systems or RAT Sound Installs.
  • Pitfalls: Some pitfalls to avoid when updating the website are retaining inconsistent or unprofessional elements of the existing website. Other pitfalls include potentially blurring lines between, or creating confusion between RAT Sound Systems, RAT Sound Installs, RAT Sound Tools, or RAT Sound Sales. Another pitfall could include the potential to present an overly professional experience. As a company with a long history of working in the rock and punk music cultures, the appearance of over-professionalism could potentially alienate some customers by labeling the company “sell outs”. Still, the website should be clean, consistent, represent the brand well, and above all, be easy to use.


Past blogs by RAT Sound have been written by roadies on tour and have contained information about current tours and explored in detail problems and solutions encountered with sound reinforcement systems on tour. This should continue.

  • Benefits: Weblogs are a great and personal way for the folks at RAT Sound to keep the public aware of goings on within the company and within the industry as well as maintain relationships and develop their customer base. Further, with Dave Rat recently announcing his retirement as FOH engineer to concentrate on inventing small gadgets, the blog can build excitement for these new products by featuring his adventures in inventing.
  • Pitfalls: The big thing to avoid with this blog is the very cobbled together, inconsistent, and have had a somewhat unprofessional off-brand look and feel featured in past blogs. Blog construction should reflect the high quality of the product offerings while maintaining a very accessible, down-home, and slightly DIY feel.

YouTube channel:

Dave Rat has a YouTube channel and has used it to sporadically release personal musings as well as some product videos.

  • Benefits: An on-brand and active YouTube channel will be a good way for RAT Sound to cultivate its client base by providing a more in-depth way to disseminate complex information than can be presented in the blogs alone. Further, cross cultivation can occur by embedding the videos into the blogs as they are published. In addition to circulating product information, the short videos on YouTube can offer pro audio tips and tricks and spark discussions between staff and clients in the comments section. With routine segments contributed by the organization’s president, Dave Rat, the YouTube Channel can do a lot to build brand loyalty and help people feel a personal connection to the organization.
  • Pitfalls: It will be important to keep the YouTube channel flush with interesting content without becoming either over or underwhelming The YouTube outlet must make efforts to strike a good balance between being interesting and informative without pandering or dumbing down content.


  • Benefits: In many ways, Facebook can be the casual outward face of the organization and can work to alert friends and followers that new content is available on the other media channels. Further, by participating in facebook communities such as Live Sound Engineers or perhaps even Stagehand Humor, the company can build and maintain relationships and stay top of mind within the pro audio community.
  • Pitfalls: Facebook newsfeeds and algorithms can take more maintenance and strategy to optimize. Maintaining an identity on Facebook can be very time consuming in that it takes a lot of consistent attention to respond to individuals in efforts to build and maintain a following. Still, this energy expenditure may not directly translate to sales. Further, it also opens the door for trolls and negative feedback to spread virally.

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