Logo/Brand Awareness Assignment Guidelines

English: The calligraphic logo of the nonprofi...
English: The calligraphic logo of the nonprofit organization Alwan Foundation for the Arts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be sure to read the article “Marks of Excellence” found in the link below. The do the following – student examples are also found at the link below as well.

Brand Awareness Assignment Description –  Find three brands/logos that you like – can be for any organization, for-profit or non-profit. Include the design in your post along with a brief statement about why you find it appealing, and what features and treatments allow it to succeed. Include links to the organizations website and examples of any basic collateral materials – briefly describe how the brand has been applied in both online and print, and give impressions of the effectiveness. Any prescriptive advice on improvements is also encouraged.

Brand Awareness Assignment and Examples – Eric’s instructional Blog

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