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  1. Convergence– “to tend to meet in a point or a line; incline towards one another, as lines that are not parallel.” I automatically think about when people’s ideas converge or when people work together to get to the same end. Convergence when talking about art may mean that two artists who come from different places and backgrounds end up being inspired by similar things and create similar art, even though there are vast differences in their lives and perspectives.

    Connections– “association, relationship.” Connections, or links, are important for all parts of life. When thinking about advertising and marketing, a company may want to make connections visible (or implied) with another well respected or known company by using a similar logo, or showing that their models of business are related. Connections also make me think of networking. Making a connection with someone in the field of work that one wants to be in is a great way to get into the particular job market.

    Identity– “the condition of being oneself or itself, and not the other.” The definition of identity can be endlessly discussed. To me, identity is who you are and being yourself. Identity can be expressed by modes of dress, ways of speaking, by what art you like, or what kind of art you do. You are expressing yourself by showing your personal aesthetics.

  2. Convergence – To evolve and mesh together in a forward motion. Working as one, what was originally multiple factions or types of doing or being. Helping to support another entity that you now find yourself working alongside and in synch.

    Connections – Linked and intertwined. A similarity that is found. A collaboration of like spirit/mind. Fitting a missing piece to make a whole. An arrangement made for betterment or ease.

    Identity – I, as one. You, as another. How we define ourselves and our environments around us. Who we long to become and how we see getting there. The distinct definition of an individual. The fact of knowing what one is or who one wants to be.

  3. Convergence: the act of coming together, a unification or melding of physical or theoretical (sp) events. I envision convergence as large flocks of birds landing in the same small spit of land. Like seaguls converging on your beach picnic looking for fries or cheetos to steal. After reading the Media Life article, convergence is the intersecting of mediums and expectations from art and interacting with the art.

    Connections: the bond one makes with another person, object, or experience.

    Identity: self realization of a person or way to classify an entity. A way to make sense of objects or to have ownership of a person or animal.

    I honestly struggled to define these meanings without using the word itself. Connections and Identity are not the most flushed out words because I cannot always put into words something I sense or feel. Connections are invaluable to me because they can be a way of building a support system for one’s life or career. Identity brings up my past experience of being teased for my last name and portraying Marie Antoinett for a school play. I take pride in being a Payne (not a pain) and being able to have speaking lines at age 9 was a really, REALLY big deal.

    So to use these words in context, the convergence of the words connections and identity bring up past experiences that makes me want to prove to myself that I am awesome, no matter what!

  4. Convergence – This word was very popular in our recent reading by Mark Deuze. It should have been part of the Key words that they had in the beginning of the chapter. It is also a word I can relate to a lot of the classes. In a way, convergence is a this idea of coming together or a fusion. In our Cultural Administration class we watched a video about the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. This organization is a convergence of the three performing art platforms brought together as one, in my opinion. They have the Dayton Opera, Dayton ballet, and Dayton Philharmonic.

    Another class discussion that relates to this word and the reading is from the video in Art & Society. This idea of a “Cultural Kitchen” is similar to how Deuze is thinking of the converging culture and its relationship to media.

    Connections – The first idea of what the word connection means is from a networking term. During the 20th year reunion there were many possible connections alumni and students could make between each other. Another way of connections is from the internet.

    Has anyone ever wondered what our world would be like if the internet was not free. I mean except the internet connection you buy to put in your household. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, believed that knowledge for the public should be free. Therefore, he created an internet service that is essentially free.

    Could you imagine this access that we have and the connections we have made throughout our lives would have more exclusivity? Imagine going to the library and not having to pay to use the internet on the computer. It would have closed a lot of the connections that have been made over the years.

    Making connections is very important to every individual. It is how people exist in this mixing pot of cultures. We always find some similarities with each other.

    Identity – This is one of the toughest words to define in just a short comment. There have been many statements, articles, art, and books about identity. It is palpable word in its meaning because it’s a notion. It can be individual perspective of one self or it can be the atmosphere of a company. It can be a trait that defines someone or something.

    I wanted to bring up the conversation we had in Art & Society. The activity we did from group 1 presentation. We defined ourselves on a piece of paper. Some chose to say their ethnicity, titles, country, or interests. Others decided to challenge their own meaning of identity. It made us re-think the question and challenged us to view ourselves and others differently.

  5. Convergence – In Deuze’s article, he identifies convergence as the coming together of things, specifically place, identity, and experience (p. 473) that is a result of the media life. To me convergence in this context is something that’s a little more violent – like a crashing together of these ideas. There is something a little chaotic about this coming together. This doesn’t mean that the merging is inharmonious at all times, because sometimes it works really well. The important part is the lack of control that we often have over the coming together.

    Connections – These can be both interpersonal or electronic (or even a little metaphysical?). The shared experience, background, and interaction between two people that informs how they behave around each other. Not necessarily always a positive thing, but it is always something that’s shared. For technology, it’s a little bit more tangible, like a connection to another device or to the internet. Metaphorically, we make connections all the time: something about our childhood informing how we currently act, someone’s behavior revealing a closely held secret, or even fictional characters in totally separate universes that we know would (or would not) totally get along.

    Identity – The collection of traits, personalities, mannerisms, interests, dreams, flaws, and feelings that we use to separate one from other. This gets spotty in the new media world where people can take up new and “false” digital identities without other people being able to catch on. As they say, “on the internet no one knows you’re a dog.”

  6. Convergence-

    When things come together to unite, align and hopefully cooperate. The readings were really exciting for me this week, because it gave a lot of reference towards convergence taking on so many identities. Convergence as place, as in where we portray and interact with media. Convergence as identity, the way we express ourselves and relate in the realms of both our career paths and way of a beginner. Convergence of experience, one I find most relevant as the way we participate through giving context, persona or energy towards media.

    When we explore convergence, we explore how two ideas can become one, how we can collaborate and connect on similar experiences. Convergence helps me come to a common understanding about a topic that is usually passionately driven and mindfully motivated.


    Connections are everything? From the superficial connection to my smart phone to its charger, or connecting to my WIFI to the amazing connection I receive when I interact with my yoga students after a successful class, we all find time for connections. You can uncover so many meaningful quotes around connection. One is from Friederich Nitezche who said “Invisible threads are the strongest ties “. Connections don’t always have to be obvious but can be subtle, esoteric and ethereal, lingering around just waiting to be discovered or acted upon.

    We can also think of connections within this context also means for the ability to connect to others through transmedia, all technological avenues that allow for the amount in which it takes connection to happen, exponentially slower. Whether it be basic or robust, connections are essential to the human condition.


    Who are we? Its a combination of our known experiences, attitudes and ideals, morals, judgements, ethics. It is the fabric that weaves our individuality together. In the age of social media though, how authentic is the identity we aspire to? When we interact with social media on such a regular basis we begin to create an identity of how we want people to portray us.

    False identity happens as well in which people assume an identity based on information they have pirated somewhere. Identity is fluid, dynamic and never stops changing. The more we allow to accept that identity will never stop changing and that we can never merely subscribe to just one, the better of we will be in truly investigating how we see ourselves and how we allow others to see us.

  7. Convergence: Connections. Joining together. The coming together of things or ideas. It also makes me think of linear perspective and the point where lines converge.

    Identity: Being. Characteristics of what or who you are. The individual and the social identity. Self-definition. What makes one recognizable. Individuality.

    Connections: Relationships whether they be to a person, idea, or thing. One could have a technological connection with something or someone else; linked through systems.

  8. Convergence is the coming together or elements in a particular environment. People may converge in a number of environments, tangible and intangible, physical and virtual, etc. I always have the mental image of particles being sucked into a central point like a black hole or a magnet is pulling them inward. However, I think convergence can happen purposefully or accidentally through intentional meetings or coincidence of using the same technology or physical pathway in daily life.

    Connections cause convergence and occur in just as many different mediums or environments. We all want connections because they help us achieve an end goal, but are they easily accessible? Are connections available in ways that people can easily use them and does use of connections make life easier or more complicated? How do these two things inform identity?

    Do convergence and connection diversify a person or community’s identity? Identity is that abstract word used to describe how a person, community, or organization describes itself. Identity influences choices in life like with whom to associate and to whom should a person or thing make itself appealing. Does identity change life experience so that a person, organization, or community becomes further aware of itself as it currently exists and how it can go further in its evolution to be more reflective of its best attributes and strengths? Do convergence and connections influence how an organization identifies itself within an environment to other people in that environment?

  9. convergence – Particularly in the context of art worlds and media, there can be a convergence of many different attitudes, cultures, ideas and media through which these are expressed. In “Media Industries, Work and Life,” Deuze focused heavily on convergence culture, demonstrating how a shift has happened in the way we live, using media to combine work and play and all of the elements of our lives.

    connections – Convergence culture through media has allowed us to create connections between people, places and ideas like we have never done before. Media participants can now create as they consume, using these all of the information readily available through this media network to manipulate new connections. This is especially apparent in the technology world when thinking about place. I liked the term translocal in the context of allowing something deemed “local” to transcend its locale nationally and even globally.

    identity – How we define ourselves as people and as groups of people. Organizations have identity expressed through marketing and branding. People have identities expressed through daily life, their culture, environment and media. Social media and other online interactions (such as blogging) have had a profound effect on the shaping of identities. With the increase in technology, we have also encountered a new issue of identity theft. All of this contributes to the issues of how to identify falseness. Media has allowed individuals and organizations to be more expressive and individualistic than ever, but it has also created a facade by which to hide who one truly is.

  10. Convergence:
    Two things mixed as one. Put the dispersion of people or things gathered together. According to the article “Media Industries, Work and Life” , convergence used in the filed of cultural and media. In media industries, cultures have different qualities through mutual contacts, communicate with each other then absorption, penetration, learning the process of integration. Convergence can be divided into three steps: 1.contact 2.impact and screening. 3.integration.

    Linked to each other. Like the Mcluhan said the media can be all things, all things are medium. Everyone is connected by media. I think Internet is the best expression. Internet connect people and network, people through the Internet create a new social circle in the virtual. And also linked other people.

    What kind of person? Who I am. In the initial human society, identity only refers to identify a person or allow others to identity their characteristics and signs. Identity can make society becomes orderly and structured. In modern society, it refers to the identification of individuals in the population of members, it divided into two categories. One is an objective, such as the country of origin; age; seniority; gender; duties; occupation. Other one is subjective, that contains identity: insiders and outsiders; acquaintances and strangers.

    In the viral world of the Internet, identity has been refined, it might be that you already own. it can also be what you want to have but in the real world you did not own.

  11. Convergence: When I think of the word convergence, I think of mass media companies coming together to form sort of mega alliance. A part from that I also believe that convergence not only has something to do with togetherness and the melding together of things or thoughts, but in order for convergence to work, there has to be some sort of cooperation as well.

    Connections: Connections are what bond or string people and ideas and all other sorts of things along in life. To be connected to something is to have an extension of yourself and an extension of someone or something else share a link with one another and this could go on infinitely.

    Identity: Identity is a very abstract word and therefore I believe that it deserves an abstract kind of definition. You could apply this word to anything and it would have a different meaning for every single thing. Identity is the meaning of and behind an object.

  12. Convergence

    Like Deuze, M. says, we could call convergence culture, because of globalization. As far as I am concerned, convergence is a kind of tendency and represents the development of human civilization. In ancient time, in order to defend wild animals, primitive man live together to enhance their living ability. Then with the progress of society, there will appear a leader who gather people in a certain place and establish many rules, which form a regime we called country. In the past, five continents without any contact, they are isolated each other. With the appearance of the industrial revolution, Columbus discovered “new continent” and then by using productions of industrial revolution world began to connect with each other. In the fact, I think Internet is the most important contributor of world convergence. It makes our world becoming a global village. All the information will be gathered in Internet, whatever where you are and no matter what time, we can know anything happened in all over the world. All of this is because information convergence. In the reading material says in order to improve influence, government usually cluster creative industries together to form a central. In this kind of gathered area, it is convenient to communicate information and ideas, which will accelerate economic development. So convergence makes our life better and better.


    I think this word is similar with convergence. Both of them need carrier to achieve, maybe technology or human. Connection will always be around us and never disappear. In daily life, we have connection relationship with many things. First of all, everyone connect with their families. For me, since I leave home to go to university I connect with parents everyday. For students they connect frequently with classmates and teachers in school. For workers every business day they will connect with colleagues and boss. This makes me come to mind the theory of “six degrees of separation”, which means everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. This science research illustrates connection exist in every people. In virtual world, connection is more significant. Through Internet we can connect with everyone in the world. By using facebook, we share our interesting things to friends and then friends have comment to us, this is connection. We can not live alone with our own, we can not leave connections.


    The first question that comes to my mind is who am I. I am a student for professor, I am a daughter for parent, I am… For each people, there are too many identities we should act. Maybe we cannot play every role to the best, we can find a balanced point to try our best to do well. In the real world, we have specific identities, but in virtual world we haven’t. With the development of Internet, Convergence Media appeared. It makes full use of media carrier and combines them, integrates with human resources, publicity and other aspects. Soon afterwards, “We Media” appeared, also can called “citizen media” or “personal media”. It forms online communities such as blog, twitter, facebook,BBS, etc. Under this environment, everyone can become both makers and users. In Media Life, Deuze, M. says today the majority of people make media when they use media (including but not limited to maintaining a blog; creating or working on a personal webpage; sharing original content such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos online; and remixing content found online). So in visual world, our identity has been blurred. The boundaries are not already obvious at all.

  13. Convergence: When I think of the word convergence I think of combinations and combining two separate entities together to create something else. Convergences usually happen because of a need for something new or a need for change. When I think of convergences I think of businesses combining together in order to profit from one another.

    Connections: The word connections is an interesting word because it can be related to the word convergence. Connections allow people to bond together and be linked and intertwined entities. Connections are a way for people to form networks and communicate on a more personal level.

    Identity: Identity is a way for people to express themselves. It is the way a person can define themselves and know who they are as a person in a large society. Identity can be presented in many forms. It is through clothes, makeup, art creations, and more that can be expressed as identity.

  14. Convergence:
    Convergence is a necessary prerequisite for recognition of Diversity. In my opinion, it means many stuff or people with different character that come together to create some new world. Just like when apply in art world. A several of art factors, participants mixed together to build a sense of art community. Convergence is another way of cooperation, collaboration. Public come together through a series of collection activities to engage in the art. Like planning, organizing, controlling and criticizing all those four factors make up what called art organization. National convergence,cultural convergence, art convergence are the mainstream topic in current world.

    In Webster, it says connection “is a situation in which two or more things have the same cause, origin, goal, etc.” In media management, connection is a key word that you must understand. Media, to some degree, is the connection of human’s eyes, hands, ears or feet. How to say that? Just image your television, radio, computer and smart phone. Connection is an interesting thing that you can find more interesting inventions or surprises by connecting stuff. Even combine with some elements you can change a “world”. This is an important reason for social networking appears, the public desire for connection, eager to get more information.

    It sounds like an interesting question. Who does not know who he is? However this is what we have to explore in our major study. There is a part named “the art public purpose” impressed me a lot. It states that art provide a sense of identity. Through participating art helps people find their own voice, to exercise for good self-express skills. Make clearly about identity benefits association. Through identify “who I am”, art could develop cross the cultures, individual and geographies. Through finding and locating identity helps bridge culture divides and make a peaceful relationship possible. On the contrary, when we have already know who we are, what we want and how to do, we will no longer clearly defined identity, but fused into a more complete whole group.

  15. Convergence: This is a word has been always discussed in our courses, it came to be as a way different thoughts come together and collaborates, people’s idea get simulated in convergence, merging common belief or thoughts come to an agreement in a subject, with the technic development, the change of dialogues are gradually put into social networks, in that way convergence is not between a scale of people, it create diversity.

    connections: the original book “cloud atlas “ written by the British author David Mitchell, are stories about how generations come to a history point , by another word, connection. “We are connected” is the main idea of the feature film. We have connections, from one to another , and in this way we are not alone, being remembered by in others mind, they could be families, friends, lovers, enemies or even strangers.

    Identity: I looked up this word in wikipedia, it says “ called sameness, is whatever makes an entity definable and recognizable” in philosophy terms, being define is a necessary but hard job, everyone can or cannot be defined by the past and their nations, ages, etc, still people have their potential and inner things may not be easily defined. Same with a product or organization, we should always identify a context but not labeled for our capable.

  16. Convergence – convergence and confluence are two words I tend use synonymously. At the most basic, they mean to bring two (or more) things together. It’s here that I’m going to borrow more from the technical definition of confluence: two individual streams joining together to form one bigger river. The individuality of the originals is lost, and you’re left with gestalt.

    Connections – I would say connecting to someone or something is similar to converging, but you retain the individual originals. Any number of connections can be established between people, between technology, and each one is used to better the network.

    Identity – more than just who you are (and more than you credit report and social security number), an identity is the essence of you. ‘You’ doesn’t have to be a person either, it can be a company or brand. It is how you are perceived by others and the world as a whole.

  17. Convergence – This word represents a meeting point to me. It can be a few ideas coming together and there is transformation. Information transferring towards a destination. Carrying information and or data towards a point.

    Connections – I see connections on a variety of levels. With people, I see connections through friendships, acquaintances, strangers, work colleagues and family. What and how do we all relate to one another. What gives us value when we exchange information about one another and what connects us to others? People to people connections are important as they can connect us to jobs, opportunities and other ways to communicate. Connections create communities. Communities build connections and it creates new relationships. I often think we are all apart of a huge puzzle and each side can connect to another piece.

    Identity – When it comes to marketing and logos, this gives a voice and a way to impact others. Your identity can brand you and create new connections. If someone sees your logo or your website, potential clients can view your website and create an assumption on that identity. It’s important to be clear on how you communicate your identity. If you are marketing to particular niche, it can be help streamline your work to gather very specific clients. It’s a mark, a statement and communicates what you are capable of. What is your style, your brand and your whole conceptual package?

  18. In terms of convergence, to me it is where two or more opposing subjects meet and join forces. This could be looked at in an infinite amount of ways: two companies in a merger process, multiple social activism groups with different agendas focusing on one objective, political agendas, etc. But this could also have a design element as well. Two colors joining together, lines that meet, etc.

    Connections could also have a wide variety of connotations. However, the first thing that I think of when I read the word connections is in terms of liaisons and social connections and a network. How connected we are to others can determine our personal success (at least in a business market).

    Identity to me is how one subject defines themselves, either as a person, culture, or other varying trait. Identity could also be looked at in terms of something greater than the individual. For example, the identity of a particular region or demographic. The identity of a college campus, or the identity of the Pacific Northwest have very specific and distinct identities.

  19. convergence-this word is diffcult to understand,but i try my best to think about it,convergence,means the process or state of converging.In this society, many things have their convergence,Like to plan an advertisement , it should have ideas,manufacture,So can make an excellent advertising program.
    Connections-i think connections is the most indispensable element in the word,this world would be no life if there no connection, I think the media is the most useful connection tools in the world such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations mobile,Internet,these mass media connect every person in this world.
    Identity- the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.idetity can help us to recognize things characteristic or human personality so that we can identify everything is different,like a dvertisement,you must have the effective means to express your ideas,it can get people’s attention and make it easier for people to remember your idea.This is identity.

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