Lexicon round 2 (week 3)

This week, let’s tackle these terms:




The rest of the words you all suggested were great, and here they are for reference:











Feel free to draw these into your discussions/deliberations/reflections on the three main terms.

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  1. System is an interesting word especially because of our trip to QSL today. A place like that has many physical, tangible systems in place to make for a successful printing business from design software to the latest, highest-tech printers and printing devices. Something else that struck me from being in that back room, though was how many intangible systems they had in place as well such as how they deal with the processes of a large-scale print and mailing job or the way that they get materials from their clients.

    Transparency is another word that can have a dual meaning, especially in light of the trip to QSL today. Obviously it can refer to the design concept that can really add dimension to collateral. Transparency is also an interesting philosophy that people are paying more and more attention to in regards to everything from the federal government to one’s own facebook profile. In arts organizations, as in most businesses, employees ask for transparency from all levels of management so they feel like they are involved in what is happening in the organization, just as citizens are asking the government to be more transparent in anything from drone policy to NSA security overreach. Similarly, we don’t want our own lives to be too transparent to government entities so that we can maintain a certain level of privacy.

    Quality has so many potential relevant meanings to unload. First of all, and most straightforward, it can refer to how good or bad something is. Cardstock is higher quality paper than regular old white printer paper. One of the more interesting meanings of quality, though, is an feature or aspect of something. When we ask someone what sorts of qualities their blind date had, they could respond with something either good or bad. When we think about design, we try to think which qualities of the design make it a high or low quality design. These factors can often become codified, and that’s how we get things like CRAP – four design qualities that make it easier to have a high-quality design product. Something that I always keep in mind about quality is that it can really be subjective sometimes. Obviously expensive oak furniture is higher quality than IKEA, but maybe a design that breaks some of the quality guidelines actually produces a product that aligns with what the client was looking for. You may think your friend’s blind date’s clumsiness is annoying, but they find it endearing; the quality itself is not inherently good or bad, it just depends on the audience.

  2. System – How one can work best to produce an outcome of success. A controlled scale of comprehending steps to lead to a single, or multiple, creation of material goods or ideas. Consideration for the way things ‘work’ or ‘function’ to form a collaborative effort to help all parties involved to understand and work as one unit.

    Transparency – Seeing through ‘content’ to discover a deeper level of a medium. An approach to understanding that ensures the capacity of growth and change to any one ‘constant’. A slowing down; a looking deeper into the status quo and searching for emerging awareness as discovery.

    Quality – Evidence of what a product, or trait, is or what it isn’t. The power to be of higher value as understood by an individual, or group of people. Effective as a tool for rating or judgement at a level of opinion or known/learned concepts. The interpretation of good v. bad/best v. better, etc…

  3. System

    How things operate relative to a specific structure or thought process. When I consider system, I look at in a linear format, seeing that there are a set number of steps that allow us to advance through the task at hand. I also look at the word systematic: a methodical, orderly and routine function of how things operate.

    With the field trip we had, this was a great look at the type of systems used to operate a successful printing company. There were specific systems and functions in place for what printer was needed when and for which specific types of clients.


    Being able to have clarity in context to what is being presented. Being clear. Being direct. being honest. Transparency is a word I use when describing its importance with communicating. It is important when talking or framing that we come without bias and judgement, instead using constructive and transparent feedback. Transparency is also important in establishing boundaries around what we choose to be public and what we hold within.

    When talking in the issues of media, marketing and communication, transparency helps us realize what’s best presented and what’s best kept to ourselves. This of course digs into the deeper matters of censorship and the image we may portray on certain technological portals or platforms. Transparency lays a framework for conversation on how we see ourselves and what part of ourselves we let the world see.


    A duality of sorts. What something is and what something is not. When looking at the word quality I think of descriptions about how something appears, how it acts or functions and if either of those things is good or bad in reference to my own understanding.

    This is a way for comparison, a reviewal or test (quality control) in which we use to measure and determine how something is dependent on the party that is viewing and assessing it. Quality is subjective when dealing with experiences emotionally and can be objective when dealing with the lines of product or beta testing. Quality takes on many definitions and wears multiple layers. It is all based in one’s interpretation.

  4. System to me is one word that I use quite a bit. “What is the system for accomplishing —?” or “What system did you use?” in relation to computer software or other technology. It is the sequence of events or series of tools used to reach an end goal. It is also intangible, as in working against “the system” – that thing in society that is inhibiting. People are part of systems, machines are part of systems, systems are part of systems, computer and software are systems in themselves…I guess people are stand alone systems, too.

    Transparency can be used in reference to honesty, to describe something visual that is transparent, or the quality of a visual image. I think of the word ‘opaque’ when I hear ‘transparent’ for some reason. Can it be seen through enough that the image can be discerned rather clearly?

    Quality is a loaded word because it can be used to classify objective topics. “What is quality?” is almost like asking “what is art?” I like to purchase high quality things (at discount prices) because I want my money to be well spent. Quality of life is important because I want to live a healthy, happy life that has a good work/life balance. In relation to design, I think of the quality of a picture is much more tangible because better quality pictures print better. Quality can be diluted into the simple meaning of how good or bad something is.

  5. I pulled a definition for transparency in the reading “The Medium is the Message”. Although a transparency can often times be explained as being a sort of photograph, in the sense that the article and myself are explaining it is more in the way of clearness of a concept. In “The Medium is the Message” it references how the content of a medium is always another medium (8). What the article mentions though is how this concept is often times hard to see or understand and that is where I believe the word transparency comes in, that is because there is a lack of it. One must see through and understand the different levels of content of a medium. There must be a clearness in this process leading to understanding.

    What I believe the significance or definition of the word system is in relation to class discussion and readings is that it is the body for how certain processes work. An individual artist may have a system they adhere to while in the process of making their next creation. As seen in the class field trip to QSL Print Communications there is a system as to how things are run, but there are also systems in a quite literal sense that are used to create and materialize work. They can be computerized, standardized, a kind of business protocol and so on.

    Finally what I believe the word quality means in context, is choice. There are several different choices that you can make in the world of media and those choices lead to the type of quality of product that you are going to produce. As was mentioned during the field trip to QSL Print Communications, there are different ways to print and manipulated your poster, flyer, pamphlet and so on to get a different sort of quality product. Clarity and definition of photos of colors also depend on a choice that is made from the producer taste in quality. Quality of work and effort is also involved in this definition. What you put into your product or service directly relates to what you and/or your customer is going to get out of it. Many times it seems that quality tends to coincide with style. What I mean by that is that quality doesn’t always has to be seen as bad or good, but a lot of times it can be categorized as just being different.

  6. System – This is a word I gained more familiarity with in a class called “Environmental Art.” Yes. It was some art that was outdoors or used elements from nature. However, some of the interpretations were similar in that the artist(s) are challenging the viewer of thinking about the systems in a new way. Take for example Underwater Art Museum that helps restore Coral Reefs. Therefore, to define a system is challenging for me. I firstly thought of different eco-systems or the word classification. We like to categorize anything to make it comprehensible. Yet, in this picture we see these figures growing new life in an environment they necessarily don’t belong in. It could be said they are blending these systems and therefore challenging our way of classifying living organisms. That is the first thing I thought when I saw the word system posted on the webpage. (For more information is on the address site below.)


    Another way you could think about systems is some described the word process. It could be considered a means to an end result. I thought of a system that you may use for communication. Like in the reading The Medium is the Message, “It is an actual process of though, which is in itself nonverbal.” This was a great message on which McLuhan is trying to describe speech as a category but also as a process. He is straggling between the two meanings as well. I can relate to this.

    Transparency – This word has a long history coming from Medieval Latin. It is crazy to think we use this word to have many definitions in different mediums. When looking this up there were three meanings to this word. I thought of the first two right away. First, it could a state of being. Again, you could think about art that has an obvious purpose. It can be considered transparent. You could think about advertisement. I am not saying it doesn’t create emotion; it has the easily seen purpose to inform individuals.

    In class we will be using transparence effects in our artworks. Meaning we can control how well you can see one layer through another layer. It is like the layer is colored glass window. You can still see inside ut it may have a nice shade of green with it.

    The last meaning came from my photography background and the dictionary. It is how much light can get through to on the film or the photographic print. It is a process and I have spent long hours a photography lab to see these transparencies.

    Quality – This word can be considered a measurement. We tend to rate things on the quality y either craftsmanship or the creator’s reputation. (This word really reminds me of the readings/discussions we did in Art and Society from Module 1). Quality can be used to measure value. It is a word we may use describe as a step closer to excellence. It can also e a feature. Is this word authentic? I am not sure. However, I know we do use it in our lives and we used it in rand awareness when we picked quality logos.

  7. System: As mentioned to system in an art world including our last trip to QSL, I think this word could express a whole thing, like group or organization, has its priority and order. Like what Webster dictionary stated: system is a group of related parts that move or work together. And system is a group of organs that work together to perform an important function of the body. Organs can be abstracted into our organizations. I think every organization or company, such as QSL, must have a complete system if they want to operate well. Within an orderly system, director or CEO could get a good guideline and all the staffs could know what to do and how to do. A good system is including the people, rules, machines (like printer or other high-tech devices in QSL), and any other tangible or intangible things. A good system plays core function role in organization.

    Transparency is contradictory word. Citizen hope government reflect a democratic society with a transparent policy,including the information public, transparency and democratic supervision, public opinion. However, an excessive government transparency will lead to a threat to national security. At the same time, citizens also want to have their own adequate privacy. When talking to the art management, all the staff employees desire to have a transparent management system, which could ensure an open and fair working environment. But also the director or manager has an obligation to protect employees’ privacy to make the transparency principle work efficiently.

    Quality, according to Webster, is a characteristic of feature that someone or something has. Other explanation: A high level of value or excellence. Good quality is the touchstone of an organization to ensure the successful development. A good quality could get audience or customers’ trust, thus company could have a stable sales target. Quality is a prerequisite to marketing. Quality has a various kinds, good quality for manager, for production, for services. Each assort is a solid foundation of a brand, a good fame.

  8. System, to me, is often associated with technology, such as the pieces of equipment or the programs that work collectively. For example, at QSL there were many different systems in place, such as the various machines used. However, I also see system as principles and methods that influence the way things (art, technology, etc.) function, which at QSL could be in reference to the specific systems that lead to production.

    Transparency’s definition is dependent on the context. There’s the physical condition of being transparent or translucent/clear. Then there’s the physical act of being transparent or open; without secrets. The latter definition, to me, relates more to a business sense of the word. Meaning that businesses should, theoretically, be transparent with their customers so that said customers can trust that the business is fair and honest.

    Quality is standards or characteristics. It can be personality traits or a degree of excellence. It’s a loaded word because it is something that is objective.

  9. In terms of the word system, I feel as though defining this word could mean a great deal of things. System could relate to the operating systems on our computers (which in relation to this class are our tools for communication). System could also relate to the order in which we do things, as in a system of how we tackle projects, issues, or problems. Systems could also relate to a organization or company, as they operate in specific ways. This is a multi-use word, with many facets and subcategories.

    Immediately when I think of transparency, I think of it from a design aspect. The degree of transparency can be defined as how one can see through the subject. Is the subject opaque, or does it allow the ability to be seen through? For me, this is an important term for our future designs in our rebranding process. Furthermore, transparency can also relate to the social or infrastructure of the inner-workings of an organization, government, or system. How approachable any information is can be determined by its level of transparency.

    Quality seems to me, to be a rather straightforward term, but has a subjective interpretation. Quality directly relates to a final product. For example, the quality of an essay might be of good or sufficient quality to the writer, but of poor quality to the critic or researcher. Hopefully, the quality of a final product is what a creator/designer/manufacturer would be willing to stand behind. If a company creates mediocre or poor quality items, their brand logo and identity is directly tied to that product. This then, in turn, can directly influence a consumer’s opinions on that brand.
    Quality, in terms of design, can also relate to the resolution of a photo or image, and if the image is of “print quality.” Is the image worthy of being printed? If the resolution is too low or of poor quality, then the image/design/photo would be a waste of printing materials.

  10. system

    “system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole” the dictionary say. I think system is similar with rule, a kind of thing that we should keep, exactly to say, not only human have system, but nature biological, machines also have their system. System is composed with structure, every part has their own different duty. Tuesday night we had a tour to visit QSL, a wonderful experience for me, because never had I been to print industry before. I think those design and print machines can be called a system. Printing is a complicated process than I thought before, by visiting QSL I saw every different process and finally they are composed an integrated print product. Some material is used at input process, such as cardboard, printing ink, etc. Some machines are used at output process, such as packaging cover machine. This word reminds me another word “environment” that we explained before. I think they are the same meaning in some ways. So system can also be thought that it is a kind of environment that composed by input and output elements.


    This word is unfamiliar with me, so it is little hard to understand. I search wiki for helping, it says Transparency, transparence or transparent most often refer to transparency and translucency, the physical property of allowing the transmission of light through a material. In my opinion, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this word is transparent physical material, such as glass window, plastic cup, and any other things we used in our lives. Although they are transparent and no color, I know they are composed by many kinds of materials. They penetrate each other, but they also guarantee these material don’t exist in the visual. Think carefully, transparency has other meanings. It can describe our behavior, which means what we doing is easy to see in actions. Don’t hide anything, just do whatever you want to do in the sun. It can be also understood as political transparency. Government should be democratic and candid, no corruptness, no discrimination. Finally, there is a film called Transparency directed by Raul Inglis and publiced in 2010. It is a horrible film.


    I think quality can be defined as two different meanings. One meaning can be interpreted as quality of the goods. It is also the most common definition. Although I don’t fully agree with a Chinese old saying “one point one portion price goods”, I think there is always some truth. Removing some additional expense of brand, I think price represents the quality of goods. For example, the quality of cloth in shopping mall is better than bargain. The difference between spread goods and brand goods is quite large, they are used different quality materials, their prime cost is different, so having price gap can be accepted. Another meaning of quality can be perceived as talent, capability, which is used to describe human. We also use moral quality to make up our mind whether he or she is a good person. As far as I am concerned, having good moral quality is the most important element that I care. And I always believe like Three – Character scripture say ”Man’s nature at birth is good”

  11. System
    System is a fragmented group which consist of individuals in connection orderly organize, schedule, rules based on pre-choreographed work groups to complete the individual components which can not complete the work alone.

    I think system has a certain structure. A system is a collection of its constituent elements, these elements are interrelated and mutually constrained. The relative stability among the various elements within the system contact information, order and control structure of the organization inherent relationship forms. For example timepiece is made gears, clockwork, pointers and other parts assembled by a certain way, but a pile of gears, clockwork, the pointer can not arbitrarily put together constitute watches; Human body composition by various organs, the organs pieced together by simple single can not constitute an incapabilities person.

    There are certain functions of the system, in other words, the system have a certain purpose. Function of the system is the system with the external environment linkages and interactions manifested nature, capabilities, and functionality. For example, functional information system is collect information, transmission, storage, processing, maintenance and use, help person make decisions, and help businesses achieve their goals.

    the quality of glass, plastic etc that makes it possible for you to see through it or the quality of being easy to understand or know about。
    Transparency is wildly used in mass media. The spread of media is transparent which means that people can not see it how spread.

    Transparency spread can let people see and understand the different levels of content of a media. There must be a clearness in this process leading to understanding.

    Transparency is also an interesting word in China. people hope the government should transparency of official duties,because citizens have the right to know the real operation and facts . And they also pay more attention to in regards to everything from the government to one’s private profile.

    Quality is an attribute of the object itself, independent of the shape of the object and the object quality, physical state in which its spatial location, quality is an essential attribute of the object.

    Quality is an objective property of things with some ability, because of objective things have a certain ability, it may satisfy people need. Needs constituted by two levels. The first level is the product or service must satisfy the requirements or potential needs, this “need” may be specified in the requirements specification, it may not indicate in the technical specifications, but users need in the course of the actual existence of . Like we visit the QSL, they produce many product to satisfy the customer’s need, traditional printing,digital color printing,high-tech cutting. In order to follow the market and costumer needs, they can also be directly printed , post the label then instead of directly to customers courier. I think this services have a highly quality. So here’s the “need” is essentially a product or service “applicability”; second level is under the premise of the quality of the first level. Because, the need should be characterized, must be converted into the indicators of features and characteristics of these features and characteristics of patency can be measured: all in compliance with the requirements of the product features and characteristics that meet user needs. Therefore, the second level of “quality” is essentially defined product conformity.

  12. System – Nowadays society run by system, we live under all kind of systems. It is a set of interacting or interdependent components, with the field trip we can see how system works to speed up artificial works. However system is under order, without order and organize, codes or functions cannot operate themselves, with a strict order system may run into disorder, this is the time for human to interact, and only with the artificial and technic, system can be useful and effect.

    Transparency is defined in different environment. There is no pure transparent no matter under what circumstance. A credit government department is always considered as to do their job transparency, but to involve with a national security issue, it is not appropriate or wise to keep this issue transparent. It is the same thing about management, things should be transparency when this is a private or experience part of jobs with each employees, the manager should be careful with the line between transparency and excessive intervene.

    Quality is a way to measure the values, to sell a product, promotion and marketing should go under the quality. The producer should put product in the first place, how is it unique and why will the custom choose my product, after answering those questions, quality comes out, a good product come with create and quality, we have the responsible to those who have purchased our products.

  13. System– “a coordinated body of methods or a scheme or plan of procedure,” or “an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole” (dictionary.com). When it comes to defining system in general it is easy, we all are part of various systems: a government system, school systems, etc. But in a arts context I am less sure of its definition. It would still have to do with parts coming together to create a whole, or a way of doing something, but I cannot think of a specific example that would make sense in the context of this class.

    Transparency– openness, honesty, ability to see through something physically, easy to tell how something or someone works. It is utterly important to our current society. People, agencies, schools need to be transparent. In the physical context, it is the ability to see through something (which could relate to some design aspects). Transparent can be used in different ways in various contexts.

    Quality– Something we all want. Quality can be somewhat relative, what is quality to some can be judged as not good enough by others. It is a measure of a product, if something has a higher quality, it is more valuable. If a printed poster is a higher quality, it costs more. But if something is not a quality product people will pay less for it or assume it is cheap and not worth much.

  14. System: A system reminds me of one of the words from last week: process. Both words allow a person to achieve a certain goal. A system, however, seems to be more outlined and productive. Systems are usually planned and executed so that the system can be used repetitively and are often used by multiple people. A system allows a group of people to create a uniform and effective product every time. Without the use of a system a business or organization would not be able to perform key tasks efficiently.

    Transparency: The word transparency makes me think of being able to see multiple levels or layers of something. Transparency allows someone to see through each layer in order to make changes and progress. To be transparent means there are no noticeable surprises and something can be altered in order to ensure the best product.

    Quality: Quality can be related to the word system in that a system requires excellent quality in productivity. Quality can be good or bad based on an individual’s own interpretation. When I use the term quality it is usually to describe a finished product, the appearance or durability of a product. For example, at the QSL printing company the production of high quality posters, programs, and other paper products is important when producing mass quantities. Quality, however, is determined on an individual level. The quality of something can vary because of different interpretations.

  15. System – Systems are integral to the human method of organization, planning and creation. We create systems within which to function, and use systems in order to accomplish a larger task. Sometimes a system of physical parts (a machine) is developed to produce a more complex end result, as demonstrated throughout our field trip to QSL. Other times, the parts and the product may be invisible: ideas and concepts. Or they may be human. Systems are a whole, made up of various parts working together to achieve a common objective. This may be an organization, a society or a physical machine. Systems can be efficient and they can be inefficient and require re-organization of the separate parts in order to function.

    Transparency – Transparency may refer to an element or technique in design, a physical aesthetic, or a concept applied to an organization or person. Designers can use transparency to vary color values and to create depth and layering. In the physical world we identify transparency as “see-through” or not opaque. I think of transparency in regards to people and organizations. As a person I strive for transparency in my identity. I am constantly conscious of how I can adhere to my genuine personality and live free of falseness and pressure to conform. Organizations and business strive for transparency as well. This is especially true of nonprofits that must be honest and open about where funds are distributed and how they are used. This is essential for sustainable donor support. Constituents cannot build trust with organizations that are not transparent.

    Quality – Most recently I have been thinking of quality in terms of design and output, specifically images. For artists and art organizations it is of utmost importance that images and marketing materials be of the highest quality. In most cases, an art image reaches wider audiences than the art itself. There are too many artists who do not take the care needed to create high quality images that suit the medium on which they are being presented. Quality images must be prepared differently for print, digital and web use. In marketing and PR, a low-quality digital representation of an artist’s work or an organization can quickly tarnish reputation, especially in the image/video oriented technological society that we find ourselves in today.

  16. System–I would say a system could be any collective of parts that are working towards the same function. This doesn’t necessarily mean mechanical parts, but could also include people. In a way, a company is like a system of people, all working to provide the same service or product.

    Transparency–at its base, transparency would refer to the ability to see through something. It’s an issue when it comes to YouTube videos and other forms of journalism as well, especially with sponsored articles. In the interest of transparency, said personalities/journalists would need to disclose that they are being compensated for their opinions/reviews/etc, especially when those could influence others to make a purchasing decision.

    Quality–at the most basic level, I would equate quality to how ‘good’ something is. If something is of good quality, then it is crafted well, curated well, is exhaustive. On the other hand, if something is of poor quality, then it is easy to break.

  17. System–i think system refers to the scattered things orderly sort, organize the formation of its integrity.Ecological systems, social systems, cultural systems,These are all called systems.Many things composition must have its own system, no system means that the operation can not be good.Like QSL,in the factory, every aspect of production constitutes system, every step is very important, these steps interdependence each other, mutual restraint, mutual contact.

    Transparency–After visitied the QSL production workshop,I learned the importance of transparency,Transparency is an essential component of the production process,Because the production process more transparency, means the production process is safe and orderly, can be guaranteed product quality, clients will be more trust company’s products.So I think that transparency is a manufacturer of production and business management principles,it can attract and keep more clients.

    Quality–quality has many layers of meaning,Substances, such as physical properties, chemical composition and so on. Operating operational aspects, such as the operation is easy, running reliability, safety and so on. Time aspects such as durability (service life), to maintain the accuracy and reliability. Appearance, such as nice appearance, packaging, quality, etc.These are the standard of quality evaluation of the product quality。

  18. Lexicon Words: 2.0

    system; transparency; quality

    System: the stringing together of several processes to accomplish a task or series of tasks. Systems have a feeling of being integrative, as when we talk about an ecosystem, or are like to be a routine where expected outcomes are consistent. System failure can happen when a part or process within the system does not complete itself or is missing entirely.

    Transparency: being able to see through to another object. I think of transparency as not really being present, something is there but not everyone acknowledges what they see. I hear the song “Mr. Cell-o-phane” from the musical CHICAGO when I think of transparency (and election season). In the world of printing, it means something has a layer placed over top a color to reduce it’s presence, not wrap it in cellophane.

    Quality: varying levels of satisfaction, from poor to great. Quality can be in the time spent in developing a service or good or it can be the general appearance/creation of an object. Food, medical/hospitality care, customer service, cars, clothing, etc. each have a relative quality to themselves and each person my have a different level of satisfaction associated with that good or service. A restaurant may get a review from someone saying the food was cold and unflavored where another person may review and say their food was hot and delicious. Controlling the quality of an output means being observant in your task and ensuring if any process or system is not working correctly in order to provide a desired level of quality for both the producer and the consumer.

  19. System
    I think of how I organize my projects or where my data is. Things must be organized within categories. File folders assist to keep important paperwork in different categories. For example, in the workplace we have systems in place to be sure all emails are flagged a with low, medium or high priority. It is imperative to set a system to be sure each task is completed on time and that the individual who has been communicated with is followed up with. There is an exchange within the system. There are many daily goals and weekly goals in the workplace. I find having a log on google is an excellent tool and allows for my student workers to stay accountable on a project. All projects are tracked and initialed when completed. The systems in place in the office has order and functions as a whole. There are systems in how we place office supplies, managing list serves, managing content on the website, how mass broadcast emails are disseminated, how lectures are organized on the UO Events calendar, how the videos from the lectures are advertised and how information is delivered to prospective students. Systems are crucial in meeting deadlines in all job situations.

    I look at transparency as open information and honest. In the design world, transparency may reveal images, fonts or artwork. I think of a light table for a cartoonist needing to be able to trace over old drawings in order to keep the character consistent in terms of movement or facial expressions. The light table is giving off that transparency to see that old line or lines. I also think of the old projectors that you can write on plastic transparencies on glass to show notes and gives a new way of looking at something. I think of how the workplace isn’t always transparent. It is important to be able to communicate in an open, healthy and in a transparent way to make sure the information is clearly understood.

    I think of quality as having important value. As in a painting, what did the artist use in terms of the quality of the paint? How did they plan the idea for the canvas? What is the value to them and how did they execute that in the quality of the creativity? On the computer, what is value of how an image looks on a particular website? If an image is pixilated and has a jumbled look to it, is the quality reduced? When one looks at a website, the content should be clear and have a sense of quality and order for it to be understood. I know when I see a website that has too much content or movement, it reduces the quality of the very site. I am more likely to move to a different site that has quality over quantity. I think of value, when I think of quality.

  20. System- a process that organizes multiple somethings or someones. A computer system organizes data, a management system organizes people so no one steps on each others toes, a radio system organizes speakers, wires and an antenna to broadcast music.

    Transparency- Something transparent is literally see through, and someone transparent is figuratively see through.

    Quality- the measure of value, whether it is by monetary value, personal value or the value of craftsmanship. High quality does not equal high price, just as low quality does not equal low price.

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