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AAD 610: Learning Goals Reflection

1.- improve my skills with a variety of design programs on the computer.

Through the process of  creating a logo, collateral, and graphic standards, as well as my PLE,  I have become much more familiar with Illustrator and InDesign. I would have liked to expand my video editing skills a bit.

2.- explore the wide range of theory behind marketing and branding, particularly what constitutes a successful brand.

The course was definitely weighted more towards the practical, but I did learn a lot of theory related to graphic design.

3.- consider what is unique and what is the same about branding an arts organization compared to other industries.

Again, the course was weighted towards the practical. But it has become clear that branding in the arts is particular to the organization and its context- it is hard to make generalizations here.

4.- gain a better perspective on how branding impacts the success of an organization.

Working on my case study for the Shakespeare Tavern taught me a lot about how an organization’s brand can either limit or build the success of an organization.

5.- understand the role of social media in marketing and how to maximize those resources.

Again, the case study was particularly useful in accomplishing this goal. Seeing the Tavern’s current social media practices and comparing them with other theatres emphasized exactly how many social media tools there are and which work best in the performing arts.

6.- how to keep all marketing materials tech-friendly and easily distributable. (what file types to use, how to efficiently condense project files, etc.)

Working on collateral really taught me the value of PDF’s. I also learned a bunch of tricks for streamlining the process and keeping my designs consistent.

7.- investigate the re-branding process and how to know when an organization needs to make that investment.

This was the case study assignment to the T, especially the marketing component. Going through this process really showed how many pieces there are to building a brand and how to find the perfect balance for a specific company.