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Steppenwolf Media Map/Draft Plan

Juliet Rutter





  • Steppenwolf could increase the depth of information that they share with their following.
  • Sum up the activities of the time period as it relates to the shows being put on, to let people in on some stories, and to let people know what is coming up in the process.


  • There is not much research as to how effective this social media platform is to arts organizations, especially theaters.


  • Explain why they chose what shows they did.
  • Their process.
  • More insider takes on the people they work with and their methods.
  • Use it every couple of weeks as it relates to the shows being put on.



  • A wider net of fan connections
  • Being able to connect more easily with fans who are into the “how to” aspect of things


  • It may be a heavy time commitment for a social media editor/writter/poster to have their fingers in all of the pies necessary to make this channel of media worthwhile.


  • Post ideas about technical aspects of the shows.
  • Actors, directors, stage manager tips.



  • Have a more personal voice
  • Connecting one on one


  • Flooding their social media


  • Post more about things that are happening at Steppenwolf.
  • Have moments be captured and posted and also maybe link to Youtube videos.
  • Allow good tweets about Steppenwolf on the feed.

All in all it would be beneficial for Steppenwolf to have a more inviting presence on the website for people to follow on social media and also include all of the platforms (such as Instagram). If they had links to their other platforms of social media from their various social media platforms they would be able to connect to people in many different ways and broaden their scope. For example, their Facebook has no connection to their Instagram or Twitter.

Lexicon #8

1. Kerning

Adjusting the spacing between letters in a font type to allow for a more proportional and visually pleasing effect.

2. Emphasis

Using design principals to draw focus or to make an aspect of a design more prominent.

3. Descender

The portion of a letter that goes under the baseline of the font or path. It’s like a cave diver descending below the surface of the Earth.

4. Visual Impact

How markable is the design or visual piece? Is it memorable? If so it is likely visually impactful.

5. Constraint(s)

Keeping the design controlled in certain ways to allow for more creativity and/or uniformity.

Lexicon #7

1. Intellectual Property

A piece of work that came about from some kind of creativity that one might apply for a copywright or patent for.

2. Minimalist

In art when one is minimalist they try to do as much as possible with as little as possible.

3. Transmedia

Going from type of media to another type or being able to transfer a piece of work from one type of media to another.

4. Affiliation

Having some kind of connection. (The internet did not know how to define this. It used the word in the definition… Lame.)

5. Buckley

… A university that’s pretty smart…


PLE: All the World’s a Dance Studio


I have been in dance for most of my life. My learning is well suited to dancing which requires watching then doing over and over until perfect. In my dance experience, you listen to the music until you get the beat, then you watch the choreographer/ instructor do a move, then you do it, the instructor gives you tips on what to fix, and then you do it again.

Listening to the music helps you understand your identity, your foundation. Once you sync with that you can begin. To me that is similar to doing the reading, the book learning.

Watching the teacher do the moves is like being in a lecture. You hear the reading interpreted just like the music is interpreted through dance.

You then engage in the conversation and bring what you can to it.

The instructor then gives you feedback on how to refine your skills or tells you that you got it.

Finally, you do the moves over and over and soon you will be able to create your own dance.


Lexicon #6

  1. Social Proprioception
    1. I think social media puts social groups at one’s fingerprints which brings us closer than ever. The issue that I come upon is that there is more than one way for people to be together (and that was true before social media) and social media can be overstimulating and can suck people in to where they don’t do much else. I need to distance myself sometimes so that I don’t get sucked in forever as well.
  2. Dissonance
    1. When designers send out cognitive signals that run counter to the desired effect.
  3. Feedback Loop
    1. A system when you have input and the output feeds back into the system. It’s perpetual.
  4. Compression
    1. When you are finished with a piece and you put all of the layers together. Do this as your last piece of business before you finish.
  5. Place/Paste
    1. Rather than copy and pasting, we use the menu function place to keep the integrity of images.

Lexicon #5

  1. Strategic Planning
    1. Having a plan for your planning.
  2.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Reminds me of public relations.
  3. Medium
    1. What type of material is used to create a piece.
  4. Social Impact/Consequence
    1. What happens as a result of technology (or, more broadly, anything else) to cultures.
  5. Narcissism
    1. A thing that has existed throughout all of human experience. People loving themselves so much they forsake other people, the greater good, other cultures, and/or the environment, etc.

Lexicon #4

  1. Distributed Cognition & Collaborative Intelligence
    1. Shared ideas, experience, and knowledge
  2.  Informal Learning
    1. Learning outside of the classroom and unintentionally learning
  3. White Space
    1. Blank, void, soon to be used, or space used with white
  4. Focal Point
    1. The area to which the image draws your eye to.
  5. Promotion
    1. One of the four P’s. The idea that one should use marketing materials intelligently by putting it out there effectively/loudly.